It Destroys Their Inside, to Create a Momentary Illusion Outside


Brothers and Sisters, if you have recently experienced, or anticipate, the death of a loved one, you might be wondering: "Should we embalm? Should we have our loved one, Dad/Father, Mom/Mother, Son or Daughter, Brother or Sister, embalmed? Grandmother, Grand Mother, or simply Grandma? Grandfather, Grand Father, or simply Grandpa? Aunt, Uncle, nephew, niece...embalmed? Do we, or must we, embalm? Or is it better not to embalm? Should we embalm? Should I embalm?" Grandson/Grand Son, Granddaughter/Grand Daughter? You might even wonder, of yourself: "Should I be embalmed?"

I cannot urge you strenuously enough--do not have your love one embalmed. For temporary preservation until burial or other interment, try refrigeration, or better yet combine your decision not to embalm with a concomitant decision to have a home funeral. Then, you can preserve the body of your loved one with dry ice, which is hyper-cold. This material is commonly employed for home funerals, and is actually colder even than the refrigeration unit of your local funeral home. If you choose refrigeration, however, and your desired funeral home does not offer it (which may be because it earns far more money by selling its embalming service), quickly find one that does and have your loved one transferred. Yes, it's that important, as you'll read, below. Embalming is usually absolutely unnecessary.

Embalming is a fundamentally disturbing, even revolting, Frankenstein-like procedure, the details of which are unknown to most people. The process contaminates, toxifies, defiles, desecrates, and indeed physically destroys almost the entire interior of the human body; it is generally not required by law anywhere, nor is it generally even necessary. In fact, Muslim, Baha'i, and orthodox Jewish faiths consider embalming a desecration of the body, and prohibit it.

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Now, please read further and educate yourself, to avoid what will likely be the biggest blunder of your life if you don't acquaint yourself with my message, my knowledge and wisdom, take it to heart, and act upon it.


The online Free Dictionary defines wisdom as:

"the quality or state of being wise; sagacity, discernment, or insight."

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"ability to discern inner qualities and relationships : insight"

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What is Embalming

Embalming is a process of transient or transitory (i.e. not-lasting) preservation of a dead body, usually to create or maintain the illusion of life or vigor for the duration of a visitation/wake and funeral. The embalming process involves contamination of the entire inside of the body, usually with extremely toxic chemicals, and always involves the traumatic physical destruction, if not outright mutilation, of all critical organs inside the body. The process is as barbaric as it is unnecessary in most cases.

"The funeral director tries to pose both the head and hands in a life-like position..." states an online consumer guide to embalming.

The embalming procedure consists of the following steps:

First comes the arterial embalming, whereby a sharp, pointed instrument called a trocar, one version of which is pictured above, is used to puncture the neck, to introduce the chemical mix into the heart, from where it is distributed throughout most of the body. Replaced with this chemical mix, so-called embalming fluid, this is the step where your loved one will lose all their human blood.

After this comes the so-called cavity embalming, whereby the following organs in your loved one's body will be punctured, again using the trocar:

  1. Heart
  2. Lungs
  3. Stomach
  4. Liver
  5. Pancreas
  6. Bladder
  7. Intestines

No matter how common a practice or elegantly and deftly performed, this is simply butchery. Moreover, given the manifold undesirability of the practice of embalming and ignorance of most families in its regard, it would seem a thoughtless and ill-considered practice. Actually, however, the practice is quite considered at least by persons in the funeral industry, and indeed jubilantly accepted and promoted by the industry for whom it is considered a profit center, meaning, it is understood to promote or facilitate, or at least occur concomitantly with, purchase of related products and services such as caskets and memorial services. In other words, embalming is, in multiple ways, a moneymaker for the funeral industry, indeed a cash cow.

Continuing with the description of the process itself:   the trocar is introduced into the body by puncturing the belly of your loved one, just above and slightly to the side, of their navel. Upon puncture, each of the so-called hollow organs, listed above, is aspirated, meaning the natural human fluids and other components present in each one are sucked out.

There's more. Believe it or not, each organ is then filled with the mix of toxic chemicals called embalming fluid. Then, the abdominal cavity and chest cavities are, themselves, completely filled with this chemical mix. The entire inside of the body of your loved one is now filled with chemicals, and most of their organs, including all their most vital, are themselves also filled with these embalming chemicals. In other words, the embalmer has just converted the entire inside of your loved one's body into a swimming pool, completely filling all three of their interior cavities with embalming fluid, and then for good measure filling and saturating each of their vital organs with the same, as listed above. The puncture or incision point made by the trocar torture device is then sealed through use of the so-called trocar screw, which is a plastic screw fitted to the wound and actually screwed in. This is a fittingly horrible conclusion to an absolutely horrible "procedure." Then, to add insult to injury, or actually, further injury to injury, embalming fluid is sometimes even applied to the exterior of your loved one's body.

Oh, and by the way, you will be paying for this entire sacrilegious defiling, to the tune of about $600.

After this procedure the body is stiff, as that is one of the effects of embalming fluid upon the human body, and the formaldehyde in the fluid hardens the internal organs, as well. Between the aspiration, toxification, and hardening, you can rest assured that the entire set of key internal organs inside your loved one have been completely and permanently destroyed.

This entire process is as utterly barbaric as it is usually completely unnecessary. It constitutes a complete and total devastation of the entire inside of the body of your husband, wife, mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, grandmother or grandfather. It is a Frankenstein-like procedure that completely destroys their interior, to create a fleeting illusion on the exterior.

Now, They're Really Dead

Embalming transforms your loved one. Once complete, they are not so much a human being anymore, as an inert object, like a stone (albeit in the eyes of some, a more "presentable" stone). Stiff from the application of the chemicals, and with no human blood in their veins (and arteries) anymore, your loved one is now truly a cadaver, a corpse. They are now dead, in the truest, most disturbing, and indeed saddest sense of the word.


Sorry, but it gets worse. Embalming also destroys any chance that your loved one can be resuscitated. Since the bleeding edge of medical science now tells us that a body apparently dead may, in fact, still be alive with deep and undetectable brain activity that can last for hours, embalming will certainly cause the death of your loved one if they are still alive with electrical activity in their brain. If the heart attack, stroke, or auto accident didn't actually kill them--I can assure you that the embalming process will.

Let me also advise you that resuscitation efforts of the apparently dead must continue for at least 40 minutes, no less, to maximize the chance for a successful revival, in other words, to bring your loved one back. If emergency personnel or a doctor want to cease efforts at twenty minutes--insist that they continue. It could mean the difference between getting your loved one back, or not.

Once your loved one is pronounced dead, which usually refers only to clinical, not necessarily actual, death, I exhort you to wait at least eight, if not twenty-four, hours before permitting the body to be removed or touched in any way. This way, in case there is continuing deep brain activity within their brain, it will presumably extinguish itself before the body is subject to the removal and embalming processes: you don't want someone zipping up a body bag over your loved one, or puncturing their neck to begin introducing embalming chemicals into their heart, which is a first embalming step, if they may still be alive.

All that I'm telling you is science, not fantasy. In fact, for some time now there has been an additional branch within medical science called Resuscitation Science. Research it for yourself. Search for information from Sam Parnia, MD, for example, or search for "resuscitation science."

Female Genital Mutilation

Some of you may be familiar with, and disturbed by, the procedure called female genital mutilation (FGM), whereby the exterior genital structures of the female are destroyed. The World Health Organization defines FGM as follows:

Female genital mutilation (FGM) comprises all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. It has no health benefits and harms girls and women in many ways.

If you object to the superfluous abridgment, or even mutilation, of the human body as exemplified in FGM, then you should rightly object to embalming, also, since it is a procedure that falls under the exact same category: an absolutely unnecessary modification of the human body that causes injury. In fact, embalming is just as bad, arguably even worse, since while FGM involves one basic organ or organ group, embalming involves many organs, including every critical human organ such as the heart, lungs, and intestines, and also involves the complete destruction of the three large hollow interior cavities of the human body: chest (thoracic), abdomen, and pelvis. Last, as discussed, embalming also leaves the body with no blood. A body with no blood is no longer a human being.

Save Money

In addition to avoiding embalming, if you also elect for a visitation (i.e. wake) at your home instead of a funeral home, you'll save yourself and your family many thousands of dollars, probably about $10,000 total. Keep your money.



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